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Mind’s Eye Roamings and Interpretations

Inhales and Exhales

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Message to Myself (Post Meditation)

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

You are at peace when you are you

You are great when you are you

You are calm when you are you

You are beautiful when you inhale the tenderest morsel of nature

Drink in the sweetest glistening dew drop on the spring leaf

The clouds moving over the valley

The moon light peaking between the redwood tree

You are you and you are magnificent

And deserving of love

From yourself


From yourself

Release the inner critic from its prison

Be free to be at peace

With your beautiful self

The one that dances flawlessly in her strangeness and exploration of sound

The one that has eyes that could melt 10 million hearts

The one that writes words that are so honest and loving and true and caring

The one that has knowledge of the world

The one that has survived neglect and abandonment

The one that brings smiles to so many when she enters a room

The one that has a glow inside of her

Give love to her

She needs it

She deserves it

And it only need to come from you

From within…

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