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Inhales and Exhales

  • teamariellah

A Bedtime Poem Rumination

Passing thought

I look to the cracks in those old 1800 wooden bars

On the highways

That are endless

And connect

In those days


The glimmer of hope was

For your next adventure

In a new town

And the excitement

Of a new delight


But I think of those cracks

Tiny cracks

In the wood

Sitting there

Moment after moment

Day after day

Month after month

Year after year

Decade after decade

Century after century

I see the light shining

The afternoon

The afternoon glow

Golden glow

Shining in through the window

I see the old inhabitants

Their hats

Their spurs

Their hats

Their shoes

Their hats

Their boots

I long for those cracks

In the wood

In those places

Of my memories mind

Of my minds memory

Gentle memory

Soft memory

Longing memory

Beautiful afternoons

On those getaways

On those weekend excursions

Of adventure

And love

And ease

And joyful ness and times

Iong ago

and dream

and think

of those


Sitting there,

As I lay here tonight

Sitting as they are


And inviting and receiving more getaway seekers and easeful minds and peaceful joyful enjoyment

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