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Mind’s Eye Roamings and Interpretations

Inhales and Exhales

  • teamariellah

bleeding from thee ear

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

you are loved.

Bleeding from thee ear

Moss around your feet


i am there

in the middle of the mud



colonized minds


chickens licking strewn pots

i sit

mind wanders

then comes back

eyes fixated on the natural world around me

breathing in

in awe

in all sorts of ways

a slight breeze


touches my skin

i immediately, yet softly,

become aware of it



the moment.

inhale it

adore it

ponder it

my minds attention draws to the word wind

the entity that is wind

to the awe and beauty and wonderfulness that is wind

like an ode

to something so precious

it becomes clear to me

crystal clear to me

in that one softly gentle yet glorious fully present moment-

being in the natural world

truly being in it

that THIS


This is my “god”



The magic that surrounds us each and every second of our entire lives

The moon looking down on us in the sky

Filled with stars

The sun and all of its heat and capability to make things grow


And a glowing white bulb in the sky, day or night

Waxing and waning

Blood pumping through my veins

Mycelia communicating with the treessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its incomprehensible and inexplicable beauty

of indescribable palpable magnitude....................

Its life force


Yet tangible

Mother nature herself is the goddess of this world

And its immensely beautiful and comforting

One can look to it infinitely

And it

Gives back

Every single time

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