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I am a music lover and ceaseless nature lover. I am deeply and madly in love with the beauty of nature.   I am an old skool goth; a gardener, hiker, prose writer and dancer.  I essayer to live life in the present moment…and try to live more deeply and authentically.  


I dance, write, photograph, ruminate, hike, garden, meditate, train hard, and connect.


I am stuck in past times, the ways and times of old, yet am a constantly evolving, growing and creative being…


I find the beauty of nature breath-taking and infinite…and have been capturing its beauty on camera since 1993…

I love working with my hands and so I have been crafting for decades, continuing to do so to this very day.

I have been dancing since I was 3 years old…


Music is my life and is also my muse…movement is one of thee most important elements of my life. I move and dance every single day.

Dance and music are one.  Nature connects us all.  Awareness allows for life.


Darker Still=

Conscious Awareness of thee Fluidity of Life, Embracing Non-Duality, and Experiencing Less Suffering…


Thee awareness that

all is fluid,


Embracing non-duality: meaning an equal embrace of both light and dark.

Acceptance vs Resistance.

Creating less suffering and more communing with the truest essence of this life.

Finding more space for the development of deep love, compassion and connection.



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