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Inhales and Exhales

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Thee Oak

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Thee Oak beautiful old E X P A N S I V E OAK TREE


resting just there




so wise



as i pass by its enormity

my gaze locks onto the beauty of this OAK.

i am but a blip

a mere flit

merely the tiniest of speed bumps in time as compared to this tree

minuscule IS my place

my space

my pace

a dot

a spec

walking by a thing so much older so steadfast

something that existed well before i and something that shall remain long after

my dot disappears

how wondrous!

…and there, in the far distance, over my left shoulder i look…

the ugliness

juts out


pollution of a crumbling world

filled with the brown muck of disgusting and ever UNevolving waters of shit

it lies there, so unquiet and MADENING in the distance

FAR AWAY from my being

EVER FAR AWAY from my world

i turn my gaze towards the brightness of my own microcosm

and breathe.

(a short walk (after a long run) among lagoons and graves~ Oakland, CA)

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