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The Dark Light

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Ah yesss, the dark light...

Is it not good to know the darkness, so that the light is that much more beautiful?

even if only a dim light...

When one actually *feels*, and is sensitive and feels pain, why is it such a crime? To feel pain, to feel darkness...its beautiful.

Pain inspires art and thought and contemplation and appreciation...

I simply cannot help but fall in love with the beauty of cemeteries, the moon, gothic architecture, melancholy songs, minor keyed tunes, twilight(when the world is so very still and darker, and beautiful), women and men dressed to kill in top hats and petticoats...

To be mundane is to bow down, unknowingly, to the society of the spectacle,

and THAT, my friend, is something I refuse to do.

There is so much beauty to be found in darkness.

Americans and perhaps people everywhere, have not been socially educated to see the beauty that lies, we wouldn't want that now would we? Perhaps it all began when organized religion decided to strip people of their faith in the land and nature and remove paganism from the very soul of this world...

Why is it, that the darker side of life, that the dark light, that darknesssss, is simply not acceptable in society?

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