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Mind’s Eye Roamings and Interpretations

Inhales and Exhales

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Poem for Thee Sky

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

(after many days of smoke filled red skies, no stars, no moon, no sun, no sky)

The first blue sky dotted cloud half-moon evening in a week or more…

The wind upon my face - had me snuggling up to it

I basked in the glory of a regular evening’s atmosphere

And walk

Utterly beyond grateful

Falling in love all over again with my neighborhood

In front of me, purple sky that looks like loose sand in the sky above mount Tam

and the glorious dusk-filled bay


Jaw drops

Heart pulses and quickens

At my good fortune

Of the scene unfolding in front of mine eyes

So lucky am I

In this moment


I look to my left

Up just a little above the horizon

a half moon with almost dark blue sky dusk behind it

Its light so very white -RADIATING- and bright in this moment

This particular time of day/night

Warming my heart to no end

With utter delight at my good fortune

Inhaling again

Over and over and over again

With extreme gratitude


The sight unfolding in front of me

And all around me

This is where I want to be

This is where I want to be

This is exactly what I want to be doing

My mantra

Warming me


Clear sky

Smoke less

Glorious sky colour of dusk and radiant half moon and slight breeze and clearer skies

The act of walking

Taking a walk

So much inner peace

So much overflowing gratitude

Over and over again


Smiling inside out

Get down on your knees gratitude

Turn the corner and to the east dotted clouds

kind of big ones, with splatters of the softest red splotches here and there so very randomly and only in a few places and on the tops of some of the clouds, a bright white tip



…so amazing!!! What is causing that?!?!

Turn the last corner

down the hill still

not quite home yet

and one coyote howls…loudly. One of thee loudest I have heard yet, and then another and another and then a complete rampant cacophony….

I inhale again and again and again

A deep set smile

deep within my heart

for my good fortune

at this beautiful tremendous ordinary evening

Extra – ordinary

in its ordinariness

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