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Mind’s Eye Roamings and Interpretations

Inhales and Exhales

  • teamariellah


Updated: Jun 17, 2022

my infinitesimal being

as small as an ant

with giant moons hovering



of a day at the thrift store

and a phone call from a friend

and a jump in the pool

and a gathering at an aunts house

a night out at a small bar watching a local band with friends and lovers

a sunset drive

a lie in the meadow

a walk under the moonlight

a drive in the mountains

a cabin in the woods

a view from the cliffsides

or the landscape below from a plane

a cloudscape seen at eye level

a mirage that we are special

and immortal

and that we matter

we live and then we die

it is infinitesimal


why stress

why miss your life

live it

it is a dot on one singular i in an epic novel like war and peace

not not special

or remarkable.

just infinitesimal





let it be

why stress

live life

live it


because you are but a dot

on an i

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