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Inhales and Exhales

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Black Moon Lilith ~

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

This was a complete character study piece…I was asked to perform and take on the entity that is Black Moon Lilith by a fellow dance colleague and artist, Chris Fluid Girl…She told me she felt out of all the performers she knew, I would best embody and express this entity. I did my research and took the elements of her that most spoke to me. That which we do not want to face, temptress/seductress, owning who we are. I carefully selected music in line with these ideas and created an accompanying sound scape. I also carefully selected the costuming and eye makeup, most in line with the display of this entity. Exposing my actual body more than I normally would and also exploring eye make up that I normally would not wear on stage, that embodied and emulated that snake like seductress…not to be dismissed or ignored. I also chose movement choices all with the character in mind…how would she move…. I also chose one prop, a mirror, to literally gaze into myself and either reject or embrace…This was most definitely and lovely challenge that I enjoyed thoroughly.

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